Terms and Conditions:

With registration, once the initial deposit has been received payment is non-refundable. Once final payment has been received ALL SALES ARE FINAL with no monetary refund. Any sizing provided by the customer as a participant in Cayman Carnival Batabano with Local Carnival, is correct. At distribution if the product ordered does not fit according to the size provided, the purchase is non-refundable with minimum chance of exchange for different sizing. By registering with Local Carnival the customer as the participant confirms they are eighteen years of age or older (18+).



Cayman Carnival Batabano Participation Waiver (2020)


By registering with Local Carnival to participate in the Cayman Carnival Batabano Street Parade, I acknowledge and hereby agree to waive any and all liability of Local Carnival, its band leaders, associates, servants, and sponsors from any incidents, accidents or events during the Cayman Carnival Batabano Street Parade (2020). I acknowledge that as a participant with Local Carnival in Cayman Carnival Batabano, during the time of the parade, photographers and videographers will be capturing pictures and film footage of participants, including myself, for the use of marketing promotion for Local Carnival.


By signing the registration form (and/or completing the online registration) I the customer and participant understand and agree to the waiver, terms and conditions of Local Carnival.