Want a wire bra, style bottom, or one-piece instead of the standard two-piece? Interchange your options (at an additional cost)!




  1. If there is another style bottom that you prefer please contact Local Carnival with the contact information provided in the 'Contact Tab'.
  2. For all UltraFrontline, Frontline, and Baseline costumes, the initial purchase is the Standard Two-Piece set (strapped Bikini Top and Bottom).


Once a costume is interchanged with a One-Piece, Wire Bra, or Style Bottom, your costume will only come with the selected and purchased interchanged item.


Interchangeable Options
    • One-piece: CI$40.00
    • Wire Bra: CI$30.00
    • High Waist Bikini: CI$25.00
    • Cheeky Bikini: CI$25.00

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