Local Carnival Update: COVID-19 | Transfered Theme: Botanic Garden 2021

Dear Locals,

In response to the announcement of Cayman Carnival in the Cayman Islands for 2020 being cancelled, our team has discussed and reviewed important aspects of our business for Local Carnival's continued involvement. With consideration to the safety and wellbeing of our masqueraders and community, we at Local Carnival agree to the decision that has been made and are in preparation of moving forward to the anticipated event of Cayman Carnival 2021.

With this update, our team apologises for any inconveniences or difficulties you may have experienced during this unusual time. Following this, we at Local Carnival hope you, your family and loved ones are safe, while following the advised protocols for health and safety in the Cayman Islands.

We will like to thank you for your patience and understanding as we look forward to seeing you on the road in the near future. For any concerns or queries, do reach out to our team by contacting us through e-mail at localcarnival345@gmail.com or by phone at +1 (345) 922-0710 or +1 (345) 927-2744.



Local Carnival


Following the cancellation of Cayman Carnival Batabano 2020, kindly refer to our frequently asked questions below. 

Will there be a new theme for 2021?

No, Botanic Garden (2020) will be transferred to 2021.

Can a refund be provided for my costume and/or t-shirt purchase?

As outlined in our Terms and Conditions, no refunds will be distributed to registered masqueraders and participants.


This is in regard to the unique nature of our products, consisting of custom measurements and/or sizing for a specified product by the purchasing customer. 

Do I still have to complete the payment for my purchased order?

Payments for any outstanding balances are to be completed in order to participate with Local Carnival in Cayman Carnival Batabano 2021.


If the payment for any remaining balances is not received for any costume and/or t-shirt purchased, a refund will not be issued for any deposit and/or installment payments. In addition, the purchased costume and/or t-shirt will remain the property of Local Carnival.

Local Consideration

Due to the unique nature of our products, and community concerns of COVID-19, Local Carnival has developed the 'Local Voucher' for registered participants who may inquire for a refund, but as outlined in our 'Terms and Conditions', no monetary refund will be issued.

We at Local do understand the frustration of this unusual time, and as a way to work with our customers in accordance with our 'Terms and Conditions', we are providing the option for our Locals to receive a voucher in which they can redeem for future participation.  

For all registered and paid Local Masqueraders, if they choose not to participate in the transfer theme 'Botanic Garden' for 2021, can receive a redeemable voucher which totals in the receipt amount of their costume and/or t-shirt. If this option is chosen by the registered participant, additional terms and conditions will apply.

In addition to the voucher, Local Carnival has discounted selected costume sections. If a costume has been purchased, with payment(s) provided, the customer will be credited for the discounted amount with their final payment not totalling the original sale value.


With our consideration, Local Carnival wants to ensure that our Locals receive quality customer service as we manoeuvre through this unusual time. 

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