Local Carnival Update: Cayman Carnival Batabano 2020/2021

As a result of Cayman Carnival being cancelled in 2020, and due to the uncertainty of Cayman Carnival in 2021, Local Carnival has withdrawn its participation in Cayman Carnival until 2022. With this, the following amendments have been made in review of Local Carnival's terms and conditions.



All costumes and/or t-shirts that were paid in full will receive a partial refund. The partial refund will consist of the total amount paid, separate from the non-refundable deposit. All costumes and/or t-shirts that were only paid with the non-refundable deposit will not be refunded.

Due to the unique nature of our products, all deposits placed with Local Carnival were situated to initiate the production of the costumes and/or t-shirts that were ordered. With the non-refundable deposit, Local Carnival has developed the 'Local Voucher' for all 2020 registered participants who may inquire for a refund, but as outlined in our 'Terms and Conditions', no monetary refund is to be issued.


As a result of the unique circumstances we are facing, Local Carnival understands the frustration our masqueraders and participants are experiencing during this unusual time. In response to this frustration, in accordance with our 'Terms and Conditions', we at Local Carnival are providing the option for our Locals who registered with Local Carnival to receive a voucher in which they can redeem for future participation.


Nature of Refunds


All masqueraders and participants who paid in full for their costume and/or t-shirt will receive a general update on social media, in addition to an e-mail that will notify the timeframe of your refund. Each refund will be issued by cheque, in which your full name will be required. 

The Local Voucher

The 'Local Voucher' will be unique to each participant, totalling the amount of the non-refundable deposit that was placed to secure your costume and/or t-shirt order in 2020. In addition, all Locals can utilise this voucher alongside future promotions Local Carnival will issue for the next carnival season in the Cayman Islands. Alternatively, terms and conditions will apply for the Local Voucher.

Local Complimentary

With the Local Voucher, all registered participants will receive a Botanic Garden themed t-shirt as a token to commemorate what would have been Cayman Carnival 2020.  As a part of our complimentary consideration, Local Carnival wants to ensure that our Locals receive quality customer service as we manoeuvre through this unusual time.